Track Your Symptoms Easily with COVID-19 Homecare.

Help Yourself. Help Your Doctors.

Easy to use, secure digital health service supporting COVID-19 patients and their doctors.

COVID-19 Homecare automatically checks in with you daily via a text messaging prompt to complete a simple health status survey.

Your responses are tabulated into a comprehensive real-time report which can be securely accessed by any doctor or individual you have granted viewing authorization.

There is no fee for the service, but donations are apprecitated to cover costs.  

Suggested Donation: $10 covers 1 patient; $50 covers 5 patients; $100 coverss 10 patients with symptom recording and report sharing services through illness recovery or up to 60 days of use, whichever comes first.


Easy to Sign-Up and Use.

Step 1: Setup your patient profile and register

Step 2: With daily text message prompting, complete daily health status and symptom survey
Step 3: Access your patient report and optionally authorize others to view
For quesitons or issues with the service contact us at:

Who should use COVID-19 Homecare?

COVID-19 patients and their healthcare providers can use COVID-19 Homecare to monitor illness progression while recovery occurs through home self-isolation.

COVID-19 Patients

The majority of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 (80%) experience mild to moderate symptoms. To diminish the risk of spreading the infection, these patients are advised to self-isolate at home for their recovery. During this home recovery period, these patients need to stay in regular communication with their healthcare providers.

COVID-19 Homecare automatically sends each self-isolated patient recovering at home a secure, online health status survey every day, via a text message to their smartphones. The patient quickly and easily answers the survey questions and submits the response. COVID-19 Homecare generates a comprehensive real-time report for each patient, who can then authorize their doctors and other individuals, such as family members, to view.

Doctors and Hospitals

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare system has been heavily burdened. Along with the 20% of severe COVID-19 cases that require hospitalization, there will continue to be non-related hospitalizations that also demand medical attention. Yet doctors and hospitals need to monitor the 80% of COVID-19 cases in self-isolation at home.

COVID-19 Homecare automatically sends daily surveys to patients, processes their responses, and generates real-time reports. Patients can authorize their doctors to view their real-time report to assist with their medical support.

The COVID-19 Homecare Solution

Easy to use, secure digital health service supporting COVID-19 patients and their doctors.

About the Product

Simple to Use for Patients

COVID-19 patients self-isolating at home receive a daily text message reminder to take an online health status survey. Responses are processed and compiled into a real-time report accessible to the patient. Patients can authorize other individuals, such as their doctors and family members, to view the report.

Simple to Use for Doctors

Doctors can easily access their patient reports through a simple email verification process initiated by patient authorization. Doctors can review and assess the detailed patient symptom history to escalate medical attention, if required.

Patient Reporting

Patient reporting is automatically generated real time as patients submit daily survey responses. The full spectrum of COVID-19 symptoms are tracked, including visualizations of cough, shortness of breath, fever trends. Household needs are also tracked so outside support networks can assist patients and self-isolating at home. Patients are also provided with medical information pertinent to their disease state which they can discuss with their doctors.


Data security is our highest priority. The platform safely stores and delivers patient data through our HIPAA-compliant platform.

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We developed COVID-19 Homecare to help patients and their doctors better track and document disease symptoms to support better decision making and health outcomes.

Contact Larry Toole to find out how COVID-19 Homecare can help you.

A word from Ignite U:

Ignite U believes that COVID-19 Homecare is a solution to help address a viral health crisis facing our community today. It is supporting Larry Toole, Co-founder of Incentivate Health, a program alumnus, because it believes that COVID-19 Homecare can be part of an important, high-tech solution set that addresses the viral health crisis facing our communities and State & local governments.

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