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Other Symptoms

Fatigue, Headache, sore throat, congestion
Evolving COVID-19 Medical and Therapeutic Considerations for Your Recovery
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Summary Information for COVID-19 Patient: John Smith
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123456712345Survey NumberHow Bad Is CoughHow Bad is Your Cough?Scale: 1-Not Bade 5-Very Bad
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123456712345Survey NumberHow Bad Is Shortness of BreathHow Bad is Your Shortness of Breath?Scale: 1-Minor Discomfort 5-Very Bad- I'm Worried
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12345679899100101102103104105Survey NumberEstimated Body TemperatureFever- Reported Body Temperature
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Home Care Assistance Survey Question 1: Do you have others helping you at home?
Home Care Assistance Survey Question 2: Do you have an adequate face mask supply at home so you can wear a mask around others?
Home Care Assistance Survey Question 3: Check household supplies you are running low on?